‘Z’ for a to Z

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There was a little girl who loved to stay home and read comic books. She couldn’t play outdoors due to her ‘A’ for asthma, and this made her feel like she was different from her classmates.

But surprisingly whenever she went on a ‘J’ for journey to the village, she came back feeling healthy and strong. The sunshine and the tea gardens did her a world of good. She especially loved visiting the ‘B’ for basti bazaar, and chatting with her grandpa, who always carried a ‘U’ for umbrella. During the ‘X’ for X-mas vacations, all her cousins came down and it was so much fun!


She felt that her  ‘H’ for hearth and home was in the village and it was difficult to return to city life once again.

But luckily, she made new friends in school and ‘C’ for ‘catching up’ with them made her feel that she was not an ‘O’ for outcast

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